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"Experience Capiz"  with Capiz Bay Resort

    Many sightseer who came in the Philippines to see  the beauty of our nature  and our customs.And among those sightseer are came from another country, the foreigners. They are visiting our country not only for their business and appointments, but for making themselves relaxing and enjoying in the famous tourist spot here in the Philippines like Boracay which is located at Caticalan, it is a most well known place and spot  where we can find the white sand and also hotels where they can take rest and relax.

  In  Capiz, just like Boracay, there is also a unique sand. A white sand and also beaches where we can  found at Brgy. Libas Roxas City Capiz Philippines.  To went there, it almost take a minutes riding a motor tricycle or you personal vehicle from the  Roxas  going to Capiz  Bay  Resort .The Capiz Bay Resort  is blessed with white sand. Capiz Bay Resort  are offers a comforting experience. If you have an stress living, it is a best  place to chill out and relax. With clear water, we can enjoy swimming and take a pleasure for boating. This is enjoyable and fitted for the family and also for lovers.  Experience the beauty of   Capiz Bay resort and see the  beauty of  every beautiful scene you see.
Scenic Capiz Bay Resort with its fishponds, private shoreline, its trees, facilities and rustic air-is a real boom to tired minds and limbs. Located in Brgy. Libas, Roxas City, Capiz, it is a mere 15-minute ride from the heart of the city. The fishing area attracts guests who are delighted with the sure catch, hands on, fishing experience. The "hook and cook" your catch theme is one of the resort's popular attractions. The airy and clean cabanas have the best view of the beach where friends and family enjoy a day's treat. Individual air conditioned cottages by the ponds offer homey comfortable accommodation to the visitor. Take a walk along shady trails to the hilltop for a 360 degree view of a laid back Roxas City surrounded by water, green hills and purple mountains. The paint-brush sunset at day's end is nature's final salute to a beautiful day well spent at Capiz Bay Resort.

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